Counterparts Lite Download Mac

Counterparts Lite Download Mac

Counterparts Lite is an easy to use string table editor that is able to help you translate app’s localizations in a streamlined manner. The app can also display reference files side-by-side, and can be used to find missing entries in your translations.

User friendly editor for processing localization files

First off, to be able to try the app’s functionalities for yourself, you must register for a free 24 hours trial license within Counterparts Lite: you will receive the key by email, and all you have to do is input the credentials in the registration panel.

Thanks to the app’s minimalist user interface, finding your way around is fairly intuitive: the top toolbar includes icons for basic functionalities, while the main area is reserved for displaying the content of the strings file.

Effortlessly view reference files side by side and edit the translation

Counterparts Lite is able to open .strings or XLIFF files and enables you to edit the translation strings: this way, you can quickly fix missing translations, or start from scratch for a new language.

Within the Counterparts Lite main window you get to quickly switch between the two and three columns view, which means that you can see both the key and the reference file content, or only the latter. The latest column is reserved for the translation.

To simplify the editing process, Counterparts Lite allows you to quickly populate the translation field with either the key or with the reference value. In addition, it can insert or delete entries, but you can also rearrange them with simple drag and drop actions.

Simple but efficient strings table editor that can help you create new localizations for your apps

Counterparts Lite is a great tool to have around if you are a developer or a translator that needs to create new localization files: the utility can open and edit .strings or XLIFF files, and also allows you to view references files side by side.


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