Emby Server Download Mac

Emby Server Download Mac

Emby Server (formerly known as Media Browser Server) is a complex, free and open source application that makes it easy for you to index your movies, videos, photos, music for easy sharing with your family and friends.

Easy installation on your Mac and an even easier setup for the web interface

Emby Server enables you to access your multimedia content using any modern web browser and manage your media library’s contents via a stylish and well organized interface.

To start streaming your media files, you must first download the Emby Server, install it on your Mac, and configure your account with the help the default web browser.

Effortlessly share all your media and easily customize the whole experience

After this is done, you will be able to add your movies, music, books, games, home videos, music videos, photos, documents and other mixed content to the server’s library through the web app’s interface.

With that taken care of, now you must enable access for all the devices that you want to be able to connect to your server. Emby Server also helps you to personalize each device’s access limits, use parenting control features, as well as many more customization options.

Comes with support for most popular desktop and mobile platforms and devices

Emby Server is only one part of the “machine”, the part that provides you with a user interface, therefore, in order to work it needs its other platform applications that act as players for playing back the media.

It’s all good news regarding the mobile and “living room” apps, with support for multiple platforms such as macOS, Windows, and Linux, with add-ons for Samsung Smart TVs and the Windows Media Center, as well as with apps developed for the most commonly used smartphone platforms, namely iOS, Android, and Windows Phone.

A complex utility that helps you stream all you multimedia content for free

Keeping in mind that this is a free and open source project, with tons of documentation available, with well sorted out inner-workings, a stylish and user friendly web interface, Emby Server seems to be a modern day software gem that offers very much, all for free.


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