EncNotex Download

EncNotex Download

Without denying that you can find anything you need on the Internet, there are moments when you need to write down certain pieces of information that you can use immediately in a project or maybe that you prefer to keep for later on.

EncNotex is a small utility designed to help you write down everything you need and make sure that they cannot be viewed or read by other users who are using your PC.

Create notes with tags, so you can find them easier

Following a quick and uneventful installation, you are prompted to set up a password for accessing the application. The program comes with a clean, intuitive and appealing interface that is unlikely to give you any troubles.

You can get started by creating a note for which you are required to provide a title and tags. As you probably hinted, the tags are useful for organizing the memos efficiently and can be quite useful when you are searching for a particular note.

You will be happy to learn that you can customize the note by using a custom font as well as different colors for the background. While they may seem irrelevant, using different styles can also aid with management and organization.

Find the memos using the advanced search function

It is worth mentioning that the application comes with an advanced search function that can help you find particular memos among dozens. Not only does the tool supports keyword queries, but it also lets you specify the body of the text where the word can be found.

The program allows you to find certain phrases within the text you are currently handling, but you can also search throughout all the notes ever taken. While the search box dialog is open, the app also displays the tags that you used for your memos, perhaps to make things more convenient for you.

A handy tool for creating private notes on your PC

In the eventuality that you need to create notes and you want to protect them from anyone else accessing the computer, then perhpas EncNotex could come in handy


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