Jottacloud Download

Jottacloud Download

Jottacloud is a software application specialized in backing up files and folders via cloud services, restore them on your computer in case of data loss, and limit the bandwidth for downloads and uploads.

Quick setup

When you run the utility for the first time, a wizard-like assistant pops out, helping you tweak several initial configuration settings.

You can deploy the program on a new computer or link it to an existing PC. What’s more, you are allowed to select the folder that is automatically synchronized to all your computers.

The application lets you choose between several preset folders that you can include or exclude in/from the backup process, namely ‘Documents,’ ‘Favorites,’ ‘Desktop,’ ‘My Pictures,’ ‘My Music,’ and ‘My Videos.’ User-defined directories can be added later on in the backup.

System tray running mode

You can find Jottacloud running in the background (in your system tray area). You can access its features with a simple click on its icon. A tutorial is revealed after you finish setting up the initial tweaks and presents key features about the program’s capabilities.

You can access the Jottacloud folder directly from your Windows Explorer, more specifically from your favorites sidebar.

Backup options

Jottacloud makes it easier to include a file in the backup using the drag-and-drop support. You can make use of shared folders for allowing multiple people to collaborate on the same files. The changes are automatically synchronized between your computers.

You may add folders in your backups, delete the selected directory, and exclude files from the backup task. In addition, you may perform searches, pause or stop the current backup job, restore data on your PC, and keep lists with file transfers about uploads and downloads.

Configuration settings

You can run the program at Windows startup, include hidden files and folders, keep log files, set the upload and download bandwidth limit, and specify the maximum number of concurrent downloads and uploads.

Jottacloud lets you opt for automatic backups or manually schedule the task, configure proxy settings, and pick the sync folder location.

Bottom line

All things considered, Jottacloud accommodates a bunch of useful features for helping you back up your important files to the cloud, and can be mastered by beginners and professionals alike.

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