KRYSTAL DMS Community Edition Download

KRYSTAL DMS Community Edition Download

KRYSTAL DMS Community Edition is a reliable Document Management System that provides you with a feature-rich and intuitive workspace. The application offers you a convenient, centralized document management system, which allows you to store, access or modify a large collection of files.

Effective document management

KRYSTAL DMS Community Edition allows you to access a large collection of files, to retrieve the ones you need, as well as to sort and distribute them. You may easily create new documents or update existing ones, using the modern-looking, friendly interface.

The application can run from any Java-enabled Web browser, including newer versions of Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome or Safari. You need to connect to the specified server, which can either be a localhost or a remote station, through the established port. Once authenticated, you may easily manage the existing files, based on your permissions.

Administrators and other users

KRYSTAL DMS Community Edition supports two types of users: standard and administrators. The latter category has full access to each aspect of the management console and can handle users, files, activities or system reports. The administrator can create or modify the file categories, such as invoices, purchase orders, confirmation slips and many more.

As an administrator, you can set the document class index and customize the permissions of each member, regarding individual folders. Permissions include the rights to create, read, edit, delete, print, email, download or check documents in/out.

You may view all the actions performed by each user who logs into the file collection. The program can automatically generate global reports, about the repository content, access history and checkouts.

Storing outdated documents

KRYSTAL DMS Community Edition also features a Recycle Bin feature, which allows you to manage deleted or expired documents. Erased files can easily be recovered from this folder and you may also safely delete documents permanently. This tool is handy, easy to use and effective in simple document management.


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