Mimosa Small School Edition Download

Mimosa Small School Edition Download

Mimosa Small School Edition is an easy to use application meant to help schools create timetables and schedules for their classes, teachers and available rooms. The program was created as a result of long-term collaboration with numerous educational institutions, in the attempt to suit multiple scheduling needs.

This piece of software can also be used to organize and plan various other types of situations, such as room bookings for conferences, seminars or company meetings.

Intuitive user interface

The intuitive interface separates the different entries through user-defined resources that can even be color-coded, for better visibility. The ‘Resources’ button enables users to display all of the existing resources, making it easier for them to know the planned, scheduled and allocated activities.

The ‘Check for Conflicts’ function scans the created timetable and displays any found irregularities, such as overlaps, (two classes in the same room, or a single person teaching two classes in the same time interval), allowing you to automatically remove them.

Lets you lock events

Another interesting feature of Mimosa Small School Edition is the ability to select a minimum and maximum weekly load, calculating these values by the number of classes, teachers or available rooms.

Moreover, users have the option to ‘Lock’ events, meaning that specific entries cannot be deleted, modified or re-located accidentally. Mimosa Small School Edition also takes into account room capacity, thus not allowing users to plan a class in a hall with a limited number of seats.

Bottom line

The application enables users to add up to 80 entries per timetable, which can prove more than enough for small schools, but larger institutions might find that insufficient. A series of disabled features along with the constant message to upgrade to the paid edition can become tiresome.

With Mimosa Small School Edition, impossible schedules and overlapping classes become a manageable task, as users can now automatically create a timetable to accommodate their every need.


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