Modul8 Download Mac

Modul8 Download Mac

Modul8 is a comprehensive macOS application entirely made for real time video mixing and compositing.

Real time video mixer

Modul8 features a smooth-running and responsive interface designed mainly for real time video performance. Thus, Modul8 can be used for various projects from a wide variety of domains such as contemporary art, veejaying, theater, video production and live performances.

Moreover, Modul8’s main window is highly customizable and flexible and, as a result, it can fulfill the needs of both proficient and amateur users. Inspired by various graphic editing applications, Modul8 is layer based, fact that translates into a smooth and pleasant real time video composition experience.

As expected, all performed changes can be previewed immediately in your composition. Consequently, Modul8 is the appropriate application for interactive installations, live performances and improvisational creativity.

Adjustable effects and filters

What is more, Modul8 offers you full control over all aspects of your video mixing, from video effects and creative filters that can help you design and compose your own creation and media. All used media is displayed in its own layer that can be easily modified, moved, rotated and resized in real time.

Furthermore, you can mix and combine multiple effects and animations and overpass the limits imposed by traditional predefined effects. Hence, you can change the color, saturation, lightness, contrast, luma key, noise, blur and other visual parts of your projection.

Advanced 3D modifications are also possible through the use of a particle engine along with the animation effects. Modul8’s engine supports CoreImage and FreeFrame filters providing you access to numerous filters.

Powerful modules

The great thing about Modul8 is that you can also use dynamic media such as video capture. This combined with the use of various modules with which you can create text and graphics, significantly increase Modul8’s abilities.

You can use up to 7 outputs to display your composition and logically record your creation without wasting precious hard disk space. You can even create your own user interface, customize Modul8’s functionality, write Python scripts for your own custom effects and behaviors right from within the app.


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