NubiDo Download Mac

NubiDo Download Mac

NubiDo is a straightforward macOS application designed to provide you with a simple method of organizing your daily tasks, as well as tackling complex projects and keeping track of their progress.

Moreover, NubiDo offers access to a web-based service that can easily be accessed from any location, should you wish to manage tasks on the go. Sadly, however, no dedicated mobile applications are available, although the service can still be accessed with a web browser.

Intuitive layout that is relatively self-explanatory and user-friendly

NubiDo features a minimalist design, as is to be expected from an application designed to streamline your workflow. The dashboard lets you sort your tasks based on their urgency, while the workspace is used to create and manage projects and lists.

It is also possible to navigate through your various tasks using the included calendar. The number of activities scheduled on each day is displayed next to the date, giving you an overall idea of your daily workload.

Set up and keep track of your projects, while using tags to keep things organized

While you can simply create tasks without assigning them to a specific list, related activities should probably be grouped, especially when they are part of a larger project.

Each task can be assigned any number of tags, making it much easier to organize them and find the ones you are looking for in the future.

NubiDo is a suitable tool for those who need a straightforward method of managing their activities, but it lacks certain functions that would make it much easier to use on your Mac.

For example, it would help if it could be integrated into the menu bar, enabling you to quickly check your schedule or add new tasks without bringing up the main window.

Easy-to-use task management application that could be improved with a few additions

As an added advantage, you can also use NubiDo in the form of a web app via a web browser or on your iOS device with the help of its native iOS app which provides you with an easier way of synchronizing your data between devices.

Overall, NubiDo is a simple, easy-to-use task management application that relies on a web service to help you keep track of your schedule from any location, but would benefit from some additional features.


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