PTGui Download Mac

PTGui Download Mac

PTGui is a powerful and intuitive macOS application that provides the required tools to create high quality panoramas using a large number of pictures.

Moreover, PTGui started as a Graphical User Interface for Panorama Tools and evolved into a comprehensive photo stitching application for amateur or professional photographers.

Advanced photo stitching app for Mac users

With PTGui’s help, you can stitch numerous photos into a single panoramic image in just a couple of minutes.

From PTGui’s users-oriented interface, you can quickly load the source images, use the EXIF data to grab information related about the photo camera and lens used to take the picture.

However, you also have the option to manually change these settings and provide control points in order to align the loaded photos.

Manually order and organize the source pictures

By accessing the Source Images tab, you can manage, reorder and handle all loaded pictures, add, remove or replace an image and change their sorting order.

The Control Points tab helps you provide multiple matching points on the overlapping pictures. It is recommended to set at least three control points for each pair of overlapping images.

Thanks to the Panorama Editor window, you can preview and edit your panorama in real time using the tools available in the top toolbar.

As follows, you can select the composing pictures, move them within the panorama, move or rotate the entire panorama, set the center point of the panorama, adjust the horizontal and vertical field of view, and change the panorama type via the drop-down menu.

Helps you create different types of panoramas with ease

Beside the flat, rectilinear and equirectangular projections, you also have the option to generate circular fish eye, stereographic, mercator and transverse panoramas with just a couple of mouse clicks.

Hence, you can use PTGui to create 360 degree cylindrical panoramas and even spherical 360×180 degree panoramas using rotated or tilted images.


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