RegCool Portable Download

RegCool Portable Download

If you’re looking for a more talented Registry Editor that keeps the same old familiar interface, you can take a look at RegCool Portable. Developed as the no-install counterpart of RegCool, this tool has support for multiple tabs, search filters and registry snapshots.

Since there’s no setup necessary, you can unzip the downloaded pack and just double-click the .exe to reach the main app window right away. As previously mentioned, RegCool has the same look of the Windows Registry Editor.

Multi-tabbed registry editor with the classical Windows look

However, it’s possible to open multiple tabs and keep them opened at the same time, in order to easily navigate various parts of the registry. More importantly, you can connect to another computer’s registry in the local network to switch back and forth and compare it to your own.

The bottom side of the main window has several options lined up for viewing history of your actions, running searches, taking and comparing snapshots, as well as for creating favorites.

Capture and compare registry snapshots

The finder has filters ready for keys, values, data, case and whole string matching, wildcards, binary search, last write time, and search location. If you wish to add new entries, you can do so using string, binary, DWORD-Wert, multi-string, expandable-string, Big Endian DWORD, Qword, resource list, full resource list descriptor, resource requirements list, or other types of values.

“Regshot” is a special function of RegCool that makes it possible to take snapshots and capture the current registry settings. This is later necessary for comparing any two snapshots. For example, if you want to learn the exact registry modifications made by a certain software application, you can use this tool to take a snapshot before and after installing it.

Advanced and intuitive registry editor

Additional features are available for backing up and restoring the registry with customizable hives, creating system restore points via Windows, defragging the local registry, and launching the classical Registry Editor (RegEdit).

All aspects considered, RegCool Portable is worth looking into if you’re interested in an advanced registry editor packed in a familiar interface.


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