SendSMTP Download

SendSMTP Download

SendSMTP is a simple to use application that allows you to quickly send emails from your desktop, without having an installed client. The tool enables you to send messages by configuring the SMTP server and email addresses.

Send encrypted emails

SendSMTP can help you send messages from its interface or via Command Line. The program supports Transport Layer Security (TLS) and SSL protocols for encrypting the messages or attachments.

Moreover, you can use SASL authentication (Simple Authentication and Security Layer) using powerful methods. You can select one of the available algorithms for SASL authentication: Anonymous, PLAIN, S/KEY, CRAM-MD5, CRAM-SHA1 and OTP (One-Time-Password). The login credentials can be saved and encrypted with the help of the AES Rijndael method.

The program’s simple interface makes it easy for you to configure the SMTP details, compose the messages and send the emails. The program also supports sending several attachments.

Use GUI or Command Line

SendSMTP can be used as a standalone GUI tool since it features a friendly interface, with clear commands. The tool also features documentation that allows you to configure and send messages straight from Command Line. The program can notify you of the result of the process: success, failure or settings cannot be found.

The program only allows you to send plain text messages in your emails, however, you may attach other files. In case you need to send several similar messages, you can save the text to a specific file and associate them with INI documents.

Quickly send emails from your desktop

SendSMTP is a reliable application that allows you send emails from your desktop even if you do not have a client program installed. You can easily perform the task using the application’s friendly interface or configure it from Command Line. Moreover, you can view a log of all the actions performed by the program.


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