Sonic Atom Download Mac

Sonic Atom Download Mac

Music and broadcast engineers, as well as sound designers and composers, know the importance of a good audio visualizing and analysis software suite.

Such a software solution could make the difference between a spectacular end product and a complete failure in standards compliance.

If you’re looking for a powerful audio signal analysis suite, Sonic Atom has been designed to tick most if not all the boxes in a list of features for the ultimate audio metering software on the Mac platform.

Helps you comply with broadcast and loudness industry standards

You can employ Sonic Atom as a tool to make sure that your work respects the industry standards such as the CALM Act or the ITU BS.1770-4, EBU R128 (G10), and ATSC A/85:2013 loudness standards.

Furthermore, Sonic Atom provides you with an extensive list of real-time audio metering solutions designed to help you visualize, analyze and monitor an audio signal of your choice.

Before starting to use Sonic Atom to analyze audio on your Mac, you have to choose a sample rate and the input interface on which your audio signal is available. Moreover, you also have to make sure that the audio channel options are correct and to go through the same procedure for the output interfaces.

Bundles fourteen different audio analysis tools

Sonic Atom enables you to create multi-instrument audio analysis environments by adding up to fourteen different audio meter windows.

More specifically, Sonic Atom comes with a spectrograph, a spectrogram, a goniometer, a phase correlation monitor, a level meter, a loudness meter, and a level dynamic range display.

It also gives you access to a multilevel meter, a loudness range (LRA) meter, a programme loudness meter, a peak meter, an LEQ meter, an oscilloscope and an audio tuner.

Each of these real-time audio metering tools can be customized using the inbuilt controls within their windows, and, once you pick the perfect combination and layout of meters, you can save them as a custom set for later usage.

Additionally, Sonic Atom will remember the position of each of the audio analysis tools you enabled between work sessions.

Real-time and sturdy multi-instrument audio analysis suite for the Mac

In a nutshell, Sonic Atom is a robust and multi-instrument utility for real-time audio signal analysis and visualizing audio professionals such as engineers, designers, and composers.

Furthermore, it comes with multi-channel support (up to 5.1), and it gives you all the tools you need to make sure that your work is entirely compliant with the industry standards.


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