TimePrices Download

TimePrices Download

When you’re looking to buy something online, it can be difficult to tell just how much you can afford to pay, especially if you tend to get carried away when you spot an item that you just can’t resist purchasing.

TimePrices is an interesting Chrome extension that takes your earnings into account and shows you exactly how long it would take for you to make up the cost of a certain item. It supports the most popular currencies and is very easy to configure.

See product prices in relation to your income

What this extension does is quite simple – when you place the mouse cursor over a product’s price while browsing, it will display a tooltip that shows you how long it would take you to earn that amount.

TimePrices supports three currencies, namely USD, EUR and GBP. It would certainly help if support for other currencies from around the world were introduced, but these should be sufficient for most users.

Useful extension that can be configured easily

Naturally, you first need to set up your income before using this extension. Therefore, you should access the settings panel and enter your hourly rate, as well as daily, weekly, monthly and yearly salary.

Several example profiles are included to help you set things up, including one based on Donald Trump’s earnings, which isn’t likely to be helpful for many users.

Blacklist websites or enable the extension just on certain pages

In case you don’t want the extension to be active on one or more websites, you can add them to the blacklist. Alternatively, you can add certain web pages to the whitelist to only view price conversions on these websites.

Overall, TimePrices is a clever Chrome extension that helps you understand how expensive certain products are by showing their prices in relation to your income. It can be very useful, and it is also open-source.


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