Wallpaper Wizard Download Mac

Wallpaper Wizard Download Mac

Finding high quality desktop wallpapers can be time consuming if you do not know where to look for new images: Wallpaper Wizard is a small Mac app that eliminated this issue by providing quick access to a large collection of wallpapers that will look amazing regardless of the desktop’s resolution.

User friendly wallpaper changer that resides in your status bar

To start using the Wallpaper Wizard application, simply navigate to the app’s menu in the status bar and select the Next Wallpaper option. Wallpaper Wizard will choose an image from the extensive online collection, which will replace your current wallpaper. You can perform this action as many times as you like.

Via the app’s status bar menu you can choose to download the image to your disk, or to add it to your favorites. If you choose to enable the “Automatically Change Wallpaper” function, a new image will appear on your disk every 4 minutes (the interval can be changed via the app’s main window).

Manually select the types of  images that will be displayed on your desktop

If you choose to register for a Wallpaper Wizard free account, the application enables you to manually select the categories of wallpapers that will be placed on your Mac’s screen. For your convenience, Wallpaper Wizard also includes a basic search bar.

In the user profile area you can view the wallpapers history (which is very useful if you want to find specific images), and all the computers that are linked to your account. Last but not least, Wallpaper Wizard allows you to upload your own images and use them as wallpapers on all your devices.

Effortlessly access a wide collection of high quality wallpapers and customize your desktop’s appearance

Wallpaper Wizard proposes a simple solution for making sure you will always have beautiful, inspiring wallpapers on your desktop: the app provides access to a large collection of high quality images that will look great on any resolution, and places them on your desktop without requiring user interaction.


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