WhoisCL Download

WhoisCL Download

WhoisCL is a lightweight command line tool especially created to offer you an alternative to the online method of obtaining information about a domain. With it you can gather exact data about its registrant and admin along with various tech related info.

A command line tool to speed things up

There’s nothing wrong with using a ‘whois’ online service to properly identify a website. The disadvantages that exist are more or less user preference related.

For one, not having to deal with an interface means that fewer resources are used by your system while extracting the data. Secondly, the time interval needed to obtain the information is considerably shorter. Using WhoisCL you don’t have to waste time opening your browser, accessing the website, typing in the domain name and waiting for the results to come up.

Indeed the time it takes may vary between computer system configurations and Internet connection speed but that is irrelevant since the search is performed on the same machine, meaning that WhoisCL definitely offers faster results.

View domain information in a neat list

To access information all you have to do is load the application into Command Prompt, type in the domain name and hit the ‘Enter’ key. In a second, everything about the website that is available as public information is displayed in an easy to read list.

You get details about the registry domain ID, registrar URL, name, email and phone, along with information about the country, organization, street, city, admin name, contact details and much more.

Obtain domain information in a few steps

All in all, WhoisCL might not be a tool that appeals to the greater majority of people but if you have to deal with situations where you need to quickly get domain information, it’s a very good solution.


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